Georgian Speleologists Union
Who are we?

Georgian Speleologists Union

Georgian Speleologists Union is a non-governmental organization based in Tbilisi, Georgia. We are oriented on discovering, exploring and preserving underground places since 1990. We have been in multitude of caves and canyons on the Georgian and European territories. People participating in our expeditions share deep love for nature, free spirit and curiosity, which makes them live unforgettable experiences.

We actively participate in tourism development by handling projects like: touristic trails marking, conceiving road maps and making tourism accessible for all, especially for people with special needs. We handled a big project for rescue services about geo-localization of tourists in remote places with no cellular connection.

Since 2007 one of our main fields of activity is Youth-work. We are having intercultural exchange projects and training courses based on non-formal education. Youngsters from diverse backgrounds are welcome to join multicultural environment we are creating around middle east and Europe areas.


Organization Members



Standing still by the ship’s helm, irreplaceable captain Mamuka flawlessly leads us to the success.

Mamuka Nikoladze

CEO & Founder


Creations of experienced mapmaker helps us finding a luminous trail in the most shadowy forests.

Vakho Chikhradze

Founder & GIS Specialist


The heart of the organism beats strongly, intertwining multiple connections and making dreams possible.

Lina Gordeladze

Project Coordinator


Extraordinary and mysterious Sophie has a long experience of taking groups into the unknown and bringing them back safely.

Sophie Nikoladze

Youth Leader


Very creative and intelligent, Misha loves lecturing you on history and bringing fantasy world to the real life experiences.

Mikheil Shavelashvili

artistic workshop leader