Your interest in “ METROPOLIS  2021 means the world to us! “METROPOLIS 2021 Street Synthesis – Urban Learning in Europe” is a heavily international exploration project about urban learning between parks and street canyons. Participants can experience the City of Wiesbaden actively and interculturally in this uniquely transnational collaboration.

Experiences, creativity, imagination, curiosity, and joy will be set free by the exploration of the city.

Using old, new, and traditional media, participants get tools to express themselves in new ways and creatively interact with reality. Experiential opportunities and activities in the city are varied and character-building possibilities are simple and effective.

METROPOLIS combines active urban exploration and camping. Young people from all over Europe explore their world using their creativity in a workshop of their choice:

  • Parkour
  • Comics
  • Urban Gardening
  • Street Theater

Metropolis is designed to:

–              Offer the participants avenues for their self-development;

–              Help young people learning to perceive the city with different eyes and to find new ways of creatively adapting their environment;

 –             Create a truly transnational experience.

It is an urban learning project that focuses on the “right to visibility and invisibility” and the integration of urban contradictions like tradition and new-age, culture and nature, self and collectiveness.

Thanks to the support of Erasmus+ and our hygienic concept Metropolis will be one of the first freely available international youth exchanges since pandemic started.

The project will take place in Wiesbaden, the capital of Hessen, Germany from the 5. – 13. July 2021.

We occupy a beautiful youth-nature-camping-place – Jugendnaturzeltplatz – which lays right at the border of the beautiful Rhine Valley and the city of Wiesbaden. It provides all the necessary facilities and a bus to downtown stops directly in front of it.

Requirements to take part in this project

Participants should be open and interested to make a transnational experience. You do not have to have advanced English skills. It is enough if you are ready to communicate as well as you can. The project will rely mainly on English, but also your mother language and maybe another language that you may speak in other groups.

Okay, but what is in it for you?

  • A broadly multinational experience where you can get to know young people from all over Europe
  • A unique city-bound camping experience combining new and traditional media
  • Getting in touch with the local German culture in Wiesbaden and around
  • New skills in a creative workshop of your choice
  • A Youth Pass: European certificate that testifies your experience during this project

Hygienic Concept

The project is being supported by a hygienic concept aimed to minimize the risk while maintaining the transnational goals of the project. Arco and its partners work together and include the participants in their transparent planning and decision-making. 


Metropolis is a camping project. That helps to reduce the risk of infections due to a strong focus on open air activities, the use of the large space available for socially distanced activities even in the entire group and helps to reduce the number of people in a tent to such a degree that no masks can be required in many circumstances of the project.